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Design & Renovate

It is a process of decision-making where ultimately the client’s concerns are first and we strive to always deliver the jobs on time and within the budget designated.

We have found that this process yields the most satisfying experience and final product for everyone involved.

We concentrate our services on the design, blending architecture, space planning, and interior finishes, with the engineering of the systems such as masonry, heating/air conditioning and electric.

Construction Management

In this role, we provide pre-design and pre-construction planning (phased schedule, budget, bid/award), and field management.

General Contracting

In this role, we hire and supervise subcontractors to achieve desired quality; we may self-perform portions of the work.

Design / bid / build phases are sequential (rather than overlapping), which usually extends the schedule.

Multiplex work is performed under a single, lump sum construction contract based on completed design documents.


In this role Multiplex provides the owner with design and construction from a single source. Often this method allows design and construction schedules to overlap; saving time.

There is also potential for cost savings with the efficiency of collaboration between the architect and the builder during the design phase. The final price is usually guaranteed.


Site Evaluation, Design Interface, Value, Municipality Coordination, Engineering, Constructability, Cost Control, Schedule, Procurement, Conceptual Estimating, Procedures, Project Plan, Meetings, Reporting.


Development of Concepts, Site Control, Inspection and Verification,Construction,Administration,Accounting Procurement Selection Process, Agency Approvals, Management of Contractors on Site,Change Management, Detail Schedules, Recovery Plans.


The consideration of project variables - scale, complexity, client experience with similar projects, for example - drives the choice of project-delivery system.

Delivery classifications are flexible; the variations accommodate special project needs.

We have substantial experience, and success, in the following:

Program Management

In this role, we are responsible to the owner for the entire program, directing work from pre-design through post-construction.

Feasibility studies, concept development, programming, design management, bid management, construction, occupancy planning and facility management may all be